1. freightrains:

Stuffed crust is life

I just came.

  2. I think you’re funny
    I like your friends
    I like the way they treat you

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  3. gameofchrons:

    is this what having a penis is like 



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  4. Always

  5. sarcasticsymphony:

    "Your heart, felt good, it was drippin’ pitch and made of wood.
    And your hands, and knees, felt cold and wet on the grass to me.”

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  6. GIMMIE!!

  7. fuckyeahhipsterblackmetal:

    Band: Downfall of Gaia
    Album: Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes
    Year: 2012
    Type: EP
    Genre(s): Atmospheric Post-Black Metal / Post-Hardcore
    Label: Metal Blade / Moment of Collapse
    Country: Germany
    Size: 14,8 Mb

    1. Drowning by Wing Beats - 08:08
    2. In the Rivers Bleak - 08:07

    Total playing time: 16:15

    [Download] [Last.fm] [Metal Archives]

  8. doris-unstoppable:

  9. theshitthatyouhate:


    it’s excxcxpx….



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